Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tide pool color compositions

I've been working this whole semester on this project and now it's finally coming together. I'll show you the different comps I did and then enlarge the one I picked. It's actually a combination between the two on the right.


Sean Patrick Richards said...

"use a big brush. show that painting who's boss" - BRyan Mann Nelson's morning Crit. I was thinking this painting is some kind of allegory about school and thats you and marty cooper as the two piranhas.
You lied our animation isnt due today, i stayed up all night finishing it for nothing. Good luck with finals.

Bryan Mann said...

Oh yeah! I didn't think that you would have taken me seriously. But! hey you got a lot done didn't you? I thought that you wold have gotten what I meant by working like it was due. I'm sorry. As for the allegory, that's really funny! I never really thought of it that way :)